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Online Paralegal Degrees

Online paralegal degrees range from associate, bachelor's to doctorates. While online programs for paralegals mostly offer certificate courses, several do offer online paralegal degrees

A degree is an advantage for prospective hires. While on the job, employed paralegals may take completion or graduate level degrees. Associate degrees typically train for entry-level positions. Bachelor and graduate level degrees are considered by employers for promotions to management positions.

Career Options

Online paralegal degrees train students to assist attorneys in tasks such as legal research, trial preparation and document drafting. Graduates of online paralegal schools have found employment in these organizations.

Online Paralegal Degrees

  •      Law firms
  •      Corporate legal departments
  •      Colleges and universities
  •      Military
  •      Government agencies
  •      Judicial offices

Several online paralegal courses offer opportunities for specialization towards career advancement.

Online Courses Offering Degrees

Rasmussen College

The college's associate degree prepares students for the National Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal Examination (CLA/CP Exam).

Students who take this degree course will train in the necessary skills for employment in courts, law firms and government agencies.

Key courses include Corporate Law, where students learn about the formation, operation, and dissolution of corporate entities. In Legal Research and Writing, students train in legal analysis and writing reports and legal documents. Paralegal Internship requires a minimum of 130 hours. This is the opportunity for Westlaw certification.

Kaplan University

The School of Legal Studies online paralegal training programs allow the student to concentrate on an area of interest such as dispute resolution or personal injury. These courses can also be preparation for law school or a career in business and government legal services. They are also excellent groundwork for master level or doctorate studies.

The university conducts online paralegal degree programs for the graduate and undergraduate levels. These online comprehensive courses are taught by a faculty of expert practitioners. The following paralegal degrees and related majors are offered.

  •          MS in Legal Studies
  •          Advanced Start BS in Legal Studies
  •          BS in Legal Studies
  •          Advanced Start BS in Paralegal Studies
  •          BS in Paralegal Studies
  •          AAS in Paralegal Studies
  •          Legal Secretary Certificate
  •          Pathway to Paralegal Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Globe University Minnesota School of Business

This school offers the following online paralegal degrees and a certificate course.

  •          Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal
  •          Bachelor of Science in Paralegal
  •          Post-baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate

Programs for online paralegal degrees and certificates have educational standards similar to on-campus classes.

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